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Hello world!

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Well I have jumped in and I decided to blog about my knitting and crocheting and my life with those elements in it.  My kids tween and teen and I have much more time to my self and I want to expand my knitting and crocheting to help add to my personal income and start to save money for special vacations and things for the house.  Our house was built in the late 1980’s and really really really needs to be remodeled and upgraded.  We need better internet access, better windows, floors, a new driveway, adding the external garage so I can turn the drive under garage into a full basement giving us much more room and a craft room for me!!  We need a 3 car garage so that my hubby can work on the car he loves and get it road worthy again and he can have fun!!

Knitting and crocheting has been a hobby of mine since I taught myself to knit at age 15 and to crochet at age 20.  It became a way to give me something to do while I convalesced from my first shoulder dislocation (don’t ask how) and it soon became an obsession.  I made lots of things for other people as gifts and I truly enjoyed it.  This all happened in the age before the World Wide Web!

In 2007 I decided to try to sell my handmade items online and came upon Etsy.  Love that site!!  It has given me money in times I needed a few bucks and the customers I have really liked my products. But I have not really expanded it until this year.  I have added a couple of crochet items but I am always looking for new items.  This is part of why I am writing this blog.  It is my road to expand what I sell and my knitting skills, which can always be improved!!  New yarns, new notions, new patterns, new stitches!  I would love to be able to fund my whole life from this blog and my knitting/crocheting.  I currently substitute teach but I am at the mercy of teachers needing a sub and I do not get paid when the schools are closed, which they are right now.  Another reason to build another income source.


Well I hope you come back and I will ask for your help.  Please like this blog, my Etsy site, and my Facebook page!  I am on Instagram too, and I am getting a new twitter feed for this and a Pinterest account.  I want to connect out there and I want to find more and more things I can make.  Come back for more!!


Let me know what you think! Please use kind language, we all need to be kind!


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