Day 2 of the adventure

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Day 2 of the adventure

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Well I woke up with a dialog in my head.  Guess I was writing something in a dream and I that is what I woke up too.  Don’t really remember it, I never remember dreams, but I was thinking about what I do while I craft.  You are I have a new pattern I have to craft today and if I am crafting I need something to occupy my hearing.  I cannot craft in silence.  If I do that I will fall asleep.  Fast.  The rhythm of knitting calms my mind so much that I fall asleep.  Which I guess was a good thing when I was pregnant and could not sleep because the acrobat inside kept me up but when I knit, both kids in utero would calm down.  Hey, I could market that!  But I digress.

I can’t show you yet what I am crafting as the pattern author asked me not to use her pictures, but it is s really cute too.  Here is the link to her site so you can see the pattern if you wish to get it yourself, Azel Pullover.  It is a super cute pullover/poncho.  You will see when I get it done, so cute!!  I also came up with a couple of other things that I can sell on the site.  I used to make Prayer Squares and prayer shawls for a ministry I used to run at my Church, Sugarloaf UMC and I love making those squares.  I think I might make them for cost and offer them to anyone that wants one for praying with.  If there is something you come across on the web and you think it would be a good fit for the shop, I would love to see if I can get a pattern for it and if I can sell it.  Post it to my Facebook Page or email me with the link for the photo/item.  I am Always looking!!

Well it is getting late and my coffee is getting cold.  Cannot let that happen so let me sign off for now and go to the yarn store and grab some yarn and needles for the new project.  I will post later on how it looks with Pictures!!


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