My 1st Day trying to make it pretty!

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My 1st Day trying to make it pretty!

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I admit it, I am a perfectionist!  I like to have things look really good from the get go.  Setting up this blog with all the items, trying to figure out how to make it pretty, and trying to add items to it to monetize it is not easy.  I am not happy with my first go round, but there is tomorrow.  There is so much to learn about this and I will learn every day, but I want it now!!  You all know how that feels.  Admit it.  Come on now!!  Been on this computer for hours, got that blog post up and then went to try to get the site looking pretty.  Still not working for me but it will look different every single day.

If you know how to use WordPress and want to help me out on this, contact me!  Really, I would love to have some hand holding.  I want to make it pretty and I want to add widgets that will get me some money.

Oh well, it is getting late and tomorrow is another day.  I am getting yarn for a new project and I will be walking you through that one, maybe I will video it.  Or not.  We shall see!!

Come back tomorrow for the next installment of getting this blog up and running!!


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