New knitting project

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New knitting project

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Well I have started the new poncho that I got from another Etsy Site.  It is knit on a big (size 13) needle with a super bulky yarn, so it should knit up rather quickly.  I love projects like that, you get to hum along and the project knits up so quickly that I normally am looking for something else to do after a couple of days.  Especially when I can knit for hours on end while binge watching.  Today I got my Netflix DVD in the mail and got to enjoy Kingsman The Golden Circle.  It was not as good as the first but it was rather entertaining and I got a lot knit during it.  As I have said I have to have something playing in the background to keep me entertained and if I am entertained, I knit or crochet more!

This new project will be a new listing on my Etsy site.  I have to finish it and get a picture of it and hopefully my 12-year-old daughter will be my model for it.  Things sell better if I can get a person to wear the item if it is clothing or blankets.  Kinda like action shots.  People feel better seeing how it drapes or how a hat wears on.  My friend wore a hat that I make so you can see how it looks on.  The messy bun hat is one of my bigger sellers especially if it get really cold.


As you can see it is a really cute hat with the hair coming out of the top. I got this pattern from Made with a Twist. If you would like the pattern, please see her listing at her shop.  I really love this pattern as it is super easy to whip up and it is so functional.  Except for me as my hair is way to short!!  My daughter has fairly long hair but she is not into this kind of hat.  She gets to get the inaugural poncho that I am currently working on.

Well I need to get off the PC and get up to bed to knit.  My favorite thing to do is to craft while watching TV until I hit the hay.  Helps me to sleep better than any sleeping pill. Knitting/crocheting and diffusing Lavender help me to get a really good nights sleep!!

Till my next entry, you be blessed!!

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