Knitting Saturday

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Knitting Saturday

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Been working on the poncho, I hope it is done today. I have a Netflix series that I have binged in the last day, Travelers. It is a sci-fi series where people time travel back to our time to prevent the end of the world. They come back into people as the people die, so they just replace them. As they change things here, the future is changed but there is a group that tries and stops this. Really cool and sometimes mind twisting plots. I actually have to put down my work and concentrate on the plot because the time travel and future changing aspect sometimes blow my mind. The episode 17 minutes was awesome.

My blog is more than just my making things, it is my life too. As we get to the end of 2017, I am glad. It was a hard year and I am glad it is going.

I lost my dad in November.

In the back of my mind I knew my parents would die and go to heaven, but when it happens, your life shifts. Mom passed in 2012 on my daughter’s birthday. That was very hard as it was her 6th birthday and I did not tell her or her brother until 2 days later after her birthday party was over. I packed suitcases for them in secret and had to be strong and show nothing while I was in their presence. Luckily they both had school so I had hours to grieve without them around. This time they were older and very aware that he was sick and when Dad passed, I could grieve with them. My son was devastated, he loves his Opa so very much. We are still talking about him and being the holidays, truly mourn him. He is on my mind all day. Now I am an orphan and I feel very alone. Cutoff and a drift. I have my husband and kids and friends here in GA that anchor me beyond what they know, but my home in NY is gone and that anchor leaves me feeling adrift. While I knit I think about it. My link to my past is gone. I have to go on so I can be there for my husband and kids, my present and future, and I have God whom I have chosen to rest in and gain strength from Him. Every morning I wake and I thank God for today and ask that he help me get through the day. I wake wanting to just stay in bed and never be out. Cover my head and wait till I get called back to heaven to be with my heavenly father. To see my parents again. God tells me I need to get up. My kids need me, my husband needs me, so many people need me. I have a purpose, He has a plan still. I rest and go on with that knowledge and I get out of bed.

I want to create posts in the future to show you know to knit and crochet so you can know the peace it brings. I will make a separate page with posts on that. Be on the lookout! Be blessed today and I will post later to show you my knitting done today!

Let me know what you think! Please use kind language, we all need to be kind!


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