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Been happily knitting along while I watch Downton Abbey and got to a point where I had to make a neck opening. I was binding off the center part and to my horror I did not have enough stitches in the poncho! I could not fix this so guess what I get to spend some time doing!  Ripping out the whole thing and starting over!

I am such a perfectionist that I cannot abide this imperfection! One or two stitches I can fix, not 8! So here I am, pulling stitches out and dying with every taken out stitch!  It took about 10 minutes to pull out the entire knit piece.  Took about 3 hours to have knit it.  Oh the pain!!!


I spent the drive time from our house to our friends house where we spent New Years Eve at rolling a new ball of yarn from all this yarn that got pulled out.  This is what is looks like:

The smaller skein is what I bought, the large ball is 3 of the skeins attached!  It was a tangled mess and lots of fun to get into the ball.

After all that I decided to start again and making it smaller as my daughter is not all that big!!  Skinny Minnie is what I call her!!  We laugh about it, and I hope she always is aware that it is a loving name I have for her and not a statement on her.  In any case, the new poncho has been started and hopefully will be finished by the 3rd or 4th.  The 4th the kids go back to school and it will be cold so I hope she gets to wear it there.  Plus it is free advertising!!  I am going to add this to my Etsy site so this is a great way for me to see how long a lead time I need to actually knit this item and get it out to someone.  I don’t want to say 1 week when in actuality I can get it done within 2 weeks since I am working full-time with Substitute teaching.  If I can get more orders I might be able to work full-time knitting, which is my life’s dream!!

Well I have to stop writing now and get back to knitting before the year 2017 comes to a close!!  It is a great night to be with friends, with great food and being able to sit and knit the night away!!

Let me know what you think! Please use kind language, we all need to be kind!


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