Happy New Year!!

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Happy New Year!!

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Was up way too late last night!!  But of course most of us were as we welcome ed in 2018!!  We were with friends and I got to do some knitting, some eating, and some drinking!  It was a very fun night.  2017 was a hard year and 2018 holds so much promise!  This is part of why I am writing this blog.  I want to share my love of Knitting and Crochet and maybe get you interested in trying this fun craft!!  I also wanted to let you know about my newsletter.  Sign up and each Sunday I will email out a quick note.  This Sunday there will be a special coupon for my Etsy Site, get on the email list and check out what happens here!!  Spread the word!!

If you have never tried to knit or crochet but always wanted to, this is a great time to get started.  It is a pretty inexpensive hobby unless you start buying the really expensive yarn.  I love using those yarns but I do not normally unless it is a special gift or garment for family or friends or someone is paying me to make something.  To get started you need a skein of yarn and either knitting needles or a crochet hook.  I would get a worsted weight yarn like Red Heart Super Saver or any yarn that show a “4” on the label like this:

The thicker the yarn, the larger the number.  The thickest yarn I have found is a “7” and it is really thick!  If you would like crochet, grab a “G” or H” hook.  If you want to knit, a 7 or 8 needle works.  I wish I had You Tube when I was learning, it is such an awesome tool to learn just about anything now a days!!  Here are great links to watch how to crochet or knit.  I like her energy but if she is not for you, fear not, there are LOTS to find on You Tube!!  Find one that feels right for you and go from there.  Start simple, my first item was a scarf and it took me 6 months to make.  Now remember, I taught myself, from a book, all alone!  I had no one to help me and from a earlier post you know I am a perfectionist so I ripped it out NUMEROUS times before I felt good.  It is a knit stitch only scarf, the stitch is called Garter Stitch, and it is a super simple scarf to make.  You can find videos on how to make that knit scarf on you tube too!  If you want to crochet a scarf, again there are so many videos out there to do that, just jump in and try this one or find one that you like!!

I really hope this gives you the bug to try a great hobby and a relaxing one too!  This is a great article on the benefits of knitting on your health!!   Funny thing, as I am writing this post, I see someone posted to my Facebook page a temperature blanket pattern.  See, there are so many things that you can make and when people know you like to crochet or knit, you will get ideas sent to you!!  It is so much fun!

Well I need to keep on knitting the poncho, it is starting to shape up!!  Be blessed until we meet again!!

Let me know what you think! Please use kind language, we all need to be kind!


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