Saturdays are awesome!

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Saturdays are awesome!

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School Days

I had been subbing Tuesday in a local elementary school teaching 4th grade. It is a great class because I am only dealing with language arts.  They are sharing the learning between 2 teachers. Lucky us had a snow day yesterday (actually an ice day where ice never happened) but I truly think our school district wanted to test out the cyber learning site that they have. There were bumps all day and when it crashed for a bit, tears in my house. So today when the kids came in, they were tired from learning at home.

So I got to start off the day with the morning group heading to the library and then we did a test. Quiet time! I got to write some goals for myself and I am excited about my 2018 coming.  I normally do not make resolutions or goals about life, but I have somethings that I want to do this year.  I thought it would be a great idea to try something new and to make some goals.

One of my goals is of course to blog about my knitting here for you!  I want to share my love of knitting and crocheting to all in the world!!  I hear so many times, I wish I could knit or crochet and in truth, I think everyone can learn.  It just takes time and patience.  Both of which are sometimes in very short supply, but if you really want something, you learn to make time for it.  I will knit or crochet when ever I am sitting and on cold days like today, I prefer to be inside unless I have to go out.

My New Knitting

I am being indulgent this January, I am making something for myself!!

I never make things for myself, I am either making gifts or items for my Etsy shop, and January is a slow month so this year one of my goals is to make myself a cardigan!! One of the first parts of knitting an item that is to be worn is making a gauge swatch.  There I said it, those ugly words, gauge swatch.

Most knitters hate gauge swatches, but early in my knitting years I learn the hard way. I knit a sweater for myself, and I did not make the swatch.  This sweater was way too small.  I just went with the needles that I was told to use in the pattern and it turned out I was still knitting tightly.  I needed to use needles that were 2 sizes bigger, say a 7 to a 9, and it would have been perfect.  Luckily I could give it away to someone who could wear it.  So you have to knit that gauge swatch if you plan on wearing your item, this way you know if it will fit!!

Here is a video where you can see the start of this cardigan!!

As I knit this, I will share video and pictures of my latest creation!  As you can see I am very excited about this!!  I love the rust color and I started it Thursday night and today I am working on the body of the cardigan.  This is where I am after about 4 hours of knitting, only the bottom ribbing and about half of the first section of the lace.  There are 4 and a half repeats of a 8 row lace pattern and this is 4 rows of the first 8 rows.  Yes, this is very time-consuming, I hope to get this made in about 2 weeks if I can get some serious knitting time in, maybe 2 hours a night.  As you can see I really really want this cardigan!!  If I were to make this for someone, this would be a 200 dollar cardigan just because it is very labor intensive, but then if you want something handmade, be prepared to pay!  So this is another reason for you to learn to make your own items!!  It probably cost be 35 dollars for the yarn and pattern, so you can see the cost savings.  Plus it is very very relaxing, here is an article about how knitting is good for you!!!  I tell you my doctor is amazed by my resting heart rate and I tell her it is my knitting that keeps me relaxed.  I have been found asleep with my knitting on my chest, so you can knit yourself to sleep!!!

Well I am needing to get going on my knitting, first I need to get outside in the 25 degree weather, so very cold for Atlanta, and get my nails done!!  We just figured out that we are having chilli for dinner, yea crock pot, so I will have ALL AFTERNOON to knit.  Oh joy!!  Don’t call me, I will not answer today!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and as always, Be Blessed!!

Let me know what you think! Please use kind language, we all need to be kind!


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