Snow Day!!

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Snow Day!!

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What images do those words conjure in your mind?? For me, sleeping late,  a big cup of coffee, and Knitting or Crocheting!!  TV is on with my Amazon Fire Stick playing something I either need to catch up on or a series I am Binge watching.  Something I can mindlessly craft to.  HEAVEN!!!  Kids are doing their Cyber Day homework to make up for school being closed (new for our district) and this mommy doing laundry in between my crafting sessions.

These are the kind of days when I was growing up that I would love to sit and knit to (I learned to crochet in my 20’s) after I played outside in the snow with my siblings and the neighborhood kids.  Snow Forts, sledding down some pretty huge hills, snow ball fights, and then hot chocolate and soup with grilled cheese!  What were your favorite things to do when you had a snow day?  Tell me in the comments!!

Cardigan Update

Well this knitter is very happily working on her cardigan.  Here are some shots of how it has grown:

It is slow going as this is 228 stitches long, on a size 4 needle which is a pretty thin needle.  But I am about 8 rows from switching to a larger needle.  Here is how I finished on Wednesday Jan 17:


I have been very busy on this snow day!!  Now I have been thinking about the direction of where I want to go on this blog.  I would love to bring this knitting love to a lot of people!!

I would love to show you how to do this, there are tons of videos that I will look for to show you how to get started!

Check our my teaching page for knitting here.

Well this is a short post, I have knitting to do!!

Let me know what you think! Please use kind language, we all need to be kind!


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