The Flu, DNA, and Me!!

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The Flu, DNA, and Me!!

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What a week it has been!!  I am sorry that it has been so long since I posted, my life has been crazy!  The Flu, DNA, and knitting have all come into play!

The Flu

As you all know, the Flu has been rampant all around and it is not any different in GA.  So many people have been down for the count and it has touched my life too!  On Superbowl Sunday my husband took our kids and went to a friend’s house to watch.  I was down with bronchitis, but I was up to knitting and watching the game.  Just saying Go Philly!!  They came home and all was well with the world.  Till the next day when one of the kids my kids were with were hit with the Flu.  Then a couple of days later the other kid got it.  Then strep hit that house.  So I am wiping down everything and spraying the furniture with Lysol!  

My first attempt at the adult slipper.

Too big for my foot!

With all that sickness it has become very rainy and dreary here, perfect time to knit but it also caused me a migraine that lasted 3 days.  Still dealing with it, but because of that I could not knit over the weekend and it was not good.  Remember I have the slippers to knit, and I am being paid for these so I am on a timeline.  Luckily I can get them out this coming weekend, I have already gotten started on another one.  This one in the picture was too wide and long, so I had to redo the pattern.  That happens a lot when I am redoing patterns.  Makes life a lot of fun!!  So I am halfway done with another one that is the correcting sizing for my order.  Thank God for the Olympics, I can knit to my heart’s content and cheer on our athletes!


Back at Christmas, my 14-year-old son who is big into geography, he won and went to the state competition last year for the National Geography Bee, really wanted to find out his where he came from.  So we got him a kit from and sent it off.  Today we got the results and sadly he is our son!!

I’m Kidding!!!  We are actually kinda stoked from the results.  The coolest result is from the matches.  Now my Dad had an account so of course that was his #1 match but then there is this huge list of people who have similar DNA and are listed as cousins.  Alex and I decided to contact the first name on the list and JACKPOT!!

Turns out this is a cousin related to my Father-in-law and they live up in Massachusetts so in the summer when we go north, we have some new people to meet!!  It is amazing to me how connected we are in this world.  They have older kids but who know who else on the list of matches will be out there.  New adventures to be!!

Knitting Update

Well I am still working on the slippers as I stated above.  But I sneak in a few rows of my cardigan and I am so close to the separation of the sections.  I am going to work hard on the slippers to get them out of my hands so I can go back to the cardigan.  That is until the next order comes in.  I love getting orders as that helps me out, but I really want to finish my cardigan before Summer hits!!  It will be so pretty, love the color.  Here are some pictures just in case you missed my earlier updates on it.

I am so loving working on this project.  The yarn is yummy soft and the pattern is not too hard so I don’t have to think about it too much.  Makes me very happy to knit!!

Temperature Scarf

Well I have not had any time to work on the temperature scarf at all and if you want to work on it with me, click below and I will start sending out weekly updates on Sundays just like with the blog.

Not sure how to fit in this knitting, but I will.  Actually I might crochet this. I will use it as a relaxer for my hands.  Changing from knitting to crochet uses different motions and muscles and actually helps me to relax more.  As always, if you ever have knitting or crochet questions, you can always email me at and I can try and help or if I can’t, I will find someone who can.  Until we meet again, Be Blessed!!



February 14, 2018 at 11:58 pm

Wow! That is so fun to try and connect with others through DNA services. That may be something fun to do with my kids in the future.

Thanks for joining #WanderingWednesday #linkup with Confessions of Parenting! 😊

    Christel T.

    February 15, 2018 at 4:13 am

    Now I want to do it for myself. I have been told things and want to find out more. It is fascinating to me!


February 16, 2018 at 11:03 am

The DNA test sounds very cool! My BIL has had it done and found relations in Europe. My husband is waiting for his results to come in. It is amazing what we can do now a days!

Thanks for being a part of #WanderingWednesday!

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