The Human Touch!

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The Human Touch!

February is one of those tricky months. You have left the hopefullness of Christmas behind and Valentine’s Day approaches. Now if you are in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is great for you. You have that human touch, that connection. Celebrate it to its fullest. Buy a gift or better yet make one. I have some ideas that are pretty quick to make in a prior post. Get someone to make something for you. Find something that is meaningful to that person. Candy, flowers, jewlery (except engagement rings) are ok but really think about that person.

We are Family

I have been married for 22 years years in October and the fondest memory was when my husband gave me the gift of time. He took the kids and let me have a free day to do what I wanted. See a movie, eat out, be away and feel like me again and not Mom. I love being Mom, it is the greatest joy in my life and those kids are my heart! Are they not the cutest things you have ever seen!! My babies are teens and tween and I cannot think of my life without them or my husband. I met my husband in 1990 and besides my siblings, he has been part of my life the longest. My human connection.

Don’t go for the same old thing!!

There are so many ways to show you care for someone. Give it some thought. What is that person’s passion? For me a gift card for knitting supplies or getting my nails done is the Bomb!! A movie and dinner is awesome too! Going on a famly outing to somewhere fun is also great, love doing things with my kids. Stone Mountain, museums, World of Coke, The GA Aquarium. Just fun things. That means more to me then flowers that die or a card that will be thrown away. (I can’t stand clutter) Really put some thought into it. That is why I love things that are hand crafted. I love making gifts that I give or when someone orders gifts from my Etsy Site. There is nothing more special and something that was made just for you.

My work in Progress

The other day I got an order from my Etsy Site. I am knitting some Adult sized ballet slippers. Very cute but I have to adapt the pattern. So not stress relieving. I made the first one and it is just too big. So I punt and start a new one. Once I get the sizing right I will write up the pattern so I have it. You can see this listing here. I have a hard time creating patterns but I can adapt patterns well. Unless the author has explicitly asked for the pattern not to be altered. Which happens. So I am creating these slippers and the sizing can be tricky. Made one and it was way too big. Luckily it does not take long to make one so I can play a bit.

Birthday celebration

My beautiful daughter turns 12 today. How did that happen? She is my amazing, creative, and funny child. She has ADHD and that has always been a bump but we are working with everyone to help her learn to live her life as normally as possible. With all the teen angst that middle school brings, it is tough but on day at a time. And knitting! Crochet! Something to relax my mind and hers. She taught herself to knit and crochet, she is amazing!

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Thank you for February but more Winter?

The ground hog came out today. Did not like Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction at all! So done with winter and January.  The cold weather is causing the Flu to become rampant and today as I type I am down.  Had a temperature over night, took Advil and now I feel better.  But still not 100%.  I want some chicken soup and sleep.  After I write this!!  But I am so happy it is February!!

Life is better since Tuesday

It was a rough week.  If you read the previous post, and a lot of you did, you know we had a major meltdown on my part.  My daughter is having problems in school and we need to get her 504 modified.  If you do not know what a 504 is, read this article.  It explains it much better than I could.  She has had one for the past few years and in elementary school it worked well, but that was in 1 classroom with 1 teacher.  Now that she is in middle school.  The multiple teachers and changing rooms is bringing out the worst in her executive function.  Or should I say the lack of it!!

Dear Daughter

My DD (dear daughter) cannot break apart tasks.  She see 1 big glob and drowns in it.  She gets frustrated, and feels like a pest if she asks for help.  Even though I tell her to ask, her teachers beg me to ask.  She acts like she is working but she cannot figure out how to start things.  Break it down.  Pull it apart.  Then she will come home and say she is working in class, which is what the teacher see.  She is not doing any work.  Then she does not turn in work and I find out too late with a zero posted for a grade.  So the 504 is being changed to have her work broken down and doled out in little bits.  Or that is my plan for it.

Great Resource I Found

 I have been searching for what I can do at home to help her learn how to break things down so she can handle things better.  I found the website Additude Magazine and it has been a lifesaver.  So much stuff on ADHD.  Found some Facebook groups.  Been reading and learning.

A Friend saves the Day

One of my neighbors and Facebook friends surprised me on Wednesday.  She had the same issues with her son and a book was recommended.

I started to read it, have not gotten through much, but I know it will help me understand my DD and hopefully be able to help her.   So armed with this and the 504 I hope this semester will be better for my daughter.  I almost forgot, we also took her out of the gifted science class, that was just way way too much for her to deal with.

The Cardigan

I have had some time to knit this week, not as much as I wanted to.  Here is the latest picture I have of the growth.  It is now at 8 inches from the lace to the top.  I need to do 9.5 so I will get that done tonight.  With SuperBowl Sunday tomorrow, I will get in a bunch of knitting, not rooting for either team but really want the New England to lose.  I hope to get the cardigan worked in sections tomorrow so I can start getting to the fun part, the fitted sleeve!!  That will have to be a post alone!

When I feel sick, I love to knit, so soothing and it helps me relax enough to sleep.  I cannot wait to knit right now.  But I have to finish this up for you all!!  That would not be nice to do!!

Temperature Scarf

In a previous post I talked about a knit/crochet along and I have decided to do a temperature scarf.  Your choice, you can either knit or crochet it.  There are a few places I have found it and I think I want to use this one.  It is a knit pattern.  Here is the crochet version.  Get the free pattern or if you want to support that crafter, buy the pattern.  Here is where I am getting the temperature for the dates.  You can look it up by your zip code.   I really want to see what you are doing!!  Please join my email list for weekly updates.  If you want to be part of this, I will set up a special email list.  Click below and join in on the fun!!






                                  In Conclusion for Today

I really hope that you join me on this.  It will be fun.  Since I am sick I was not able to get out to get some yarn to start my crochet version.  My plan is to get out on Monday afternoon after doing a field trip with my son.  I will write about that on Tuesday, it promises to be fun!  I do have a favor.  My son is in a lottery to get a into a Math and Technology High School here in GA.  GSMST.  The lottery happens Monday the 5th starting at 7:30.  Please pray for his number, 314, to be picked to make it in.  If you think of it, just add that in.  Anticipation as He really wants to go there as he wants to be either a quantum physicist,, or a photonics engineer.  Way beyond me but he loves Science!!

In conclusion, as always, Be Blessed!!

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When I really needed my Knitting….

My knitting saved my sanity!

Monday night was a really rough night.  For me.  For my daughter.

Let me explain.

My beautiful, funny, and brilliant (we have had her tested) daughter has ADHD.  My daughter was diagnosed 3 years ago and we have medication for it that is still being adjusted.  While my DD (dear daughter) was in elementary school with 1 teacher and the classroom, she was doing great.  Had a few bumps but she was sailing along, getting good grades, work being turned in.

DD entered Middle School and it seemed all was well.  There was a plan in place that we just moved over from elementary school.  Her 504 plan worked so well there.  In November, we lost my dad. DD was upset as she really loved her Opa.  I dutifully asked every day how was school, whether she had any homework.  Every Time I got the same answer.  I saw her do her homework and I thought all was good. Then I started getting emails.  Saturday school was scheduled.  I got very involved and it seems she got caught up.  Her failing grades moved back up to B’s.  Lower than I knew she could do but when you turn in work late, you suffer.  We cleaned and organized her book bag.  She got happy again and no more emails.

During Christmas break, we took out all the last semester’s work so she could start clean. I let her do way too much electronics, but it was break so I let that slide.  Then we had a really bad spell of weather and had to do cyber learning days.  First time for that and it did not go well at all.  On all sides.  At least the kids had time afterwards to finish up the work.  Again I asked and she showed me some of the work, she told me she got it done.

It Hits the Fan

My daughter with her GS Bake Off Entry.

Monday night.  I had gotten an email from one of her teachers saying she is missing work and her book bag was unorganized.  I was thinking, how could that be, we just cleaned it out.  There was only maybe 4 or 5 school days since the bad weather, how could it get that bad that quickly.  So I cleaned it out with her, reorganized it and all seemed well.  I wrote back asking about an email sent from the school about the changes to the digital learning and that I had told my daughter to stop working about many many hours of frustration.

I got an email back detailing how much work my daughter was missing in the last 3 weeks and that she was given extra time to finish the digital learning.  Keep in mind that I had asked her if she finished all that was missing from all her classes and I was told yes.  So when I confronted her about it, she got a sheepish look on her face, tears started and no words.  She knew that she had been caught.  She had no excuses, no way to get out of it.  I was lied to.  The red wall fell.

Let me just say I did not handle it well at all.  It was ugly.  I was ugly.  My stomach went into knots, my chest pounded, in my ears I could hear my blood rushing so I knew that if I had my BP taken, I think I would have been put in the hospital.  When I saw my face, red was not the word.  The anger grew and I could not be in the same room.  I had written back to the teacher, thanked her for the information as I was in total ignorance of what was happening.  That was not an excuse, but a fact.

I had included her school counselor and I had already had a meeting set up for Tuesday morning.  We had to change her 504.  Something had to be done.  I went on Facebook and asked for prayers and sent a private message to my sisters in Christ from my church group for help and ideas and prayers.  Those ladies saved my life last night.  And my knitting did too.

How Knitting saved me!

My latest picture of my current knitting project.

You ask how knitting could save me.  So easily.  If you have been reading my past posts, you know I have been knitting a cardigan for myself, so beautiful and I love the soft yarn.  When I start working on it, I feel the stress leave and a calm comes over me.  Those of you that have knit or crocheted for any length of time understand.

The rhythm of the needles, the repetitive movements, they sooth me.  I go to my happy place.  I so needed that place last night.  The clicking of the needles lulled me.  The rhythm slowed my heart and the blood sound in my ears disappeared.  My chest loosened.

About an hour later I was calm enough to go down from my bedroom and get a drink of water, say good night and fall asleep.  Not a peaceful sleep according to my Fitbit app, but I woke up with a new perspective.

I went to school with my husband and talked with the counselor.  She fully understood and we made a plan.  The counselor would talk to the other teachers and we would make a new 504 with a ton of new additions.

Here are the parts that will be set up next week:

The 504 plan would get my daughters work broken down to manageable pieces.  A system would be put in place  where my daughter’s teachers would initial her agenda so that they saw she wrote down her work and homework.  We would initial it showing we saw the agenda.  I will be told what was coming up with regards to her work so if any was missing, we would get my daughter caught up.

What is happening at home

Her father and I are setting up an organizational area so she can mark what needs to be done and check off as needed.  To Do lists will be started so when she gets home after school, she knows what is coming up.  Slowly but surely we will get this beast under control and she will be able to handle school.  She knits too, for the same reasons her mom does.  Calm.  Until Homework tonight and it begins again.  Until we get this handled that she can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My knitting will be my savior.

As Always, Be Blessed!


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