1st Day back at School

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1st Day back at School

Boy am I tired! I try to get as many substitute teaching jobs as I can, but that means I cannot knit as much as I want. Plus tonight I had a Girl Scout meeting and I had forgotten about it!! So I ate dinner really late, had to do some housework, and now I wanted to get some thoughts online. So no knitting today!! I truly hate that, I miss it when I don’;t get to knit anything.

I did want to show off something I learned to make a year ago. It was a new knitting skill, arm knitting, and it is

pretty fun and very easy to do. There is a limit to what you can make, but you can see my cowl I made is very cute and it is pretty warm. There are a ton of You Tube video’s out there that will show you how to do this, I will let you search there for a teacher that appeals to you, but I highly recommend trying this out. It is a very quickly made item and it is a great feeling to get an item made within an hour and be able to use it. It will actually cover my head so it helps to keep me warm in this very very cold weather! I really like it and is one of the few things that I have ever made for myself.

This is going to be a very short blog today, again, I am extremely tired. Having to get up early after 2 weeks of not doing it is really hard on this old body!! Plus I walked almost 7000 steps today, about twice what I have done since Christmas and having restarted my Keto Diet and knowing I am dealing with the Keto Flu (here is a link describing it), I am super tired! It will get better next week as I adjust to fueling my body with Fat instead of carbs, but tonight, I am just going to crash early and try to get a big night of sleep!! If I get up early, I will knit then after I do my Bible and devotional reading.

I want to sign off and send you Blessings!! Be good!!


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