Where to go……

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Where to go……

Got back from an incredible weekend away with the girl scouts and I ended up sick. The dreaded stomach bug. So not fun!! It did get me thinking about where to go with this thing called Knitting Pretty Things.

Next Steps

I am thinking we should have a crochet along! A very simple crochet along that you can join in at any time. I don’t have a pattern I created for you to join in on.  I was thinking we could do a cool kind of Afghan that will take the entire year to do.

There are tons around, but one that I think is great is a temperature one. It will be pretty easy to do. We will add 3 rows every week in the color that corresponds to the temperature on the Monday of every week. This way we start off on January 1st.  Here is a link to the original post that I saw this one Facebook, which lead to a blog. LINK

I really love the idea of a crochet or knit along.  It is a great thing to jump in on, you don’t really need to be there from day 1.  You can do it at your own pace.  I think if we crochet or knit 3 rows a week, we can get a really nice sized blanket out of it.  Now you can also modify this to be a scarf, just use a smaller amount of stitches, maybe 30-40 depending on the yarn and needle/hook size.

Now I am not planning on giving you a pattern for this, I want to do this free-form and let you use your imagination!!  I promise to be there for it all and answer any questions anyone has, I just don’t want to lock anyone into something that they are not wanting to make!! I want this to be fun for you!!  If you are not good at knitting or crochet, I want to you check out my intro pages and watch some videos to get you more familiar!!  Here are the links to the pages:

Knitting tutorial

Crochet tutorial

I will think more on this and then I will add more about the blanket later this week.  We still have a week to get it set up and started!!

The Cardigan Saga!

I wanted to show you what is up with my Cardigan.  It is coming along so nicely!!  I am very proud of the way the Cardigan is looking and as a result, I got many compliments!

Cardigan Jan 24, 2018
4 inches knit above the lace. Only 5.5 inches to go!

I am getting excited to see it growing  longer as the days progress.  The Stockinette stitch (knitting the right side row and purling the wrong side row) is quick, but with 238 stitches, it takes a while to knit a row!!  The more I knit in this color, I really do love it!  I just hope to be able to wear it before we get  hot weather.

Look how beautiful it looks! It is so soft also, this yarn is fabulous!!  As a reminder, this is a knit along that was on Craftsy.com in the fall of 2017.  It is called the Tea Leaf Sweater and it is a fun pattern.  If you are experienced in Knitting, I would suggest this pattern to you!  There are lots of things to learn on it, so it is always keeping me on my toes!

In Conclusion

Well it has been a crazy week!!  I have done some planning and I am trying to get a post here on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays!  Due to this, I am behind this week due to my illness, so I think I will post again on Saturday and then get into the groove!!  I am always wanting to know if you have a question or thought on what we should have in here, so please comment below and help a girl out!!  As Always, Be blessed!!


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