Thank you for February but more Winter?

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Thank you for February but more Winter?

The ground hog came out today. Did not like Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction at all! So done with winter and January.  The cold weather is causing the Flu to become rampant and today as I type I am down.  Had a temperature over night, took Advil and now I feel better.  But still not 100%.  I want some chicken soup and sleep.  After I write this!!  But I am so happy it is February!!

Life is better since Tuesday

It was a rough week.  If you read the previous post, and a lot of you did, you know we had a major meltdown on my part.  My daughter is having problems in school and we need to get her 504 modified.  If you do not know what a 504 is, read this article.  It explains it much better than I could.  She has had one for the past few years and in elementary school it worked well, but that was in 1 classroom with 1 teacher.  Now that she is in middle school.  The multiple teachers and changing rooms is bringing out the worst in her executive function.  Or should I say the lack of it!!

Dear Daughter

My DD (dear daughter) cannot break apart tasks.  She see 1 big glob and drowns in it.  She gets frustrated, and feels like a pest if she asks for help.  Even though I tell her to ask, her teachers beg me to ask.  She acts like she is working but she cannot figure out how to start things.  Break it down.  Pull it apart.  Then she will come home and say she is working in class, which is what the teacher see.  She is not doing any work.  Then she does not turn in work and I find out too late with a zero posted for a grade.  So the 504 is being changed to have her work broken down and doled out in little bits.  Or that is my plan for it.

Great Resource I Found

 I have been searching for what I can do at home to help her learn how to break things down so she can handle things better.  I found the website Additude Magazine and it has been a lifesaver.  So much stuff on ADHD.  Found some Facebook groups.  Been reading and learning.

A Friend saves the Day

One of my neighbors and Facebook friends surprised me on Wednesday.  She had the same issues with her son and a book was recommended.

I started to read it, have not gotten through much, but I know it will help me understand my DD and hopefully be able to help her.   So armed with this and the 504 I hope this semester will be better for my daughter.  I almost forgot, we also took her out of the gifted science class, that was just way way too much for her to deal with.

The Cardigan

I have had some time to knit this week, not as much as I wanted to.  Here is the latest picture I have of the growth.  It is now at 8 inches from the lace to the top.  I need to do 9.5 so I will get that done tonight.  With SuperBowl Sunday tomorrow, I will get in a bunch of knitting, not rooting for either team but really want the New England to lose.  I hope to get the cardigan worked in sections tomorrow so I can start getting to the fun part, the fitted sleeve!!  That will have to be a post alone!

When I feel sick, I love to knit, so soothing and it helps me relax enough to sleep.  I cannot wait to knit right now.  But I have to finish this up for you all!!  That would not be nice to do!!

Temperature Scarf

In a previous post I talked about a knit/crochet along and I have decided to do a temperature scarf.  Your choice, you can either knit or crochet it.  There are a few places I have found it and I think I want to use this one.  It is a knit pattern.  Here is the crochet version.  Get the free pattern or if you want to support that crafter, buy the pattern.  Here is where I am getting the temperature for the dates.  You can look it up by your zip code.   I really want to see what you are doing!!  Please join my email list for weekly updates.  If you want to be part of this, I will set up a special email list.  Click below and join in on the fun!!






                                  In Conclusion for Today

I really hope that you join me on this.  It will be fun.  Since I am sick I was not able to get out to get some yarn to start my crochet version.  My plan is to get out on Monday afternoon after doing a field trip with my son.  I will write about that on Tuesday, it promises to be fun!  I do have a favor.  My son is in a lottery to get a into a Math and Technology High School here in GA.  GSMST.  The lottery happens Monday the 5th starting at 7:30.  Please pray for his number, 314, to be picked to make it in.  If you think of it, just add that in.  Anticipation as He really wants to go there as he wants to be either a quantum physicist,, or a photonics engineer.  Way beyond me but he loves Science!!

In conclusion, as always, Be Blessed!!

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One Month In!!

One month ago I decided to jump in and start writing about what I love, Knitting and Crochet. I have seen other blogs and I thought I might be able to add to it. I want to show the public that it is not really as hard as you think to knit or crochet, it takes time and practice.

Why I love to craft with yarn

There is something so very calming about the rhythm of making crochet stitches or knitting along on the needles. A few years back I found a great article in the New York Times about knitting, Article. I do have to say it was not all that calming when I first started.

When I started, I was bad. I mean really really bad!! I have taught a few people to knit and crochet and at first you will be really really bad, you are your own worst critic. Keep at it and it will become 2nd nature. It is like riding a bike, you keep falling over until your brain gets the hang of the balance and BOOM, you are riding. Handcrafting is like that, you just have to keep at it and it will become easier. I promise. But back to how bad I was!!

There me and a skein of cheap yarn, knitting needles and a book. I few weeks before I had dislocated my shoulder and ended up having surgery to fix it. No school, had a tutor for 11th grade, and I was bored. My Godfather’s wife knit and I loved how she could make things. Well I wanted to learn, so my dad got me materials and I started.

I got casting on, and the knit stitch but purling was so hard. So I punted and just kept knitting. Then I dropped stitches and had to start over again. 6 times!! I put it down, 3 days later tried again. 4 start overs!! Put it down again and then 2 days later I got it! The knit stitch clicked and I started on my way! Just made a square but it was done!! Now to learn the purl stitch. Took a few days, but after 3 start overs, I got it!!

Then I decided to get some cool looking yarn and make my first wearable project a scarf!! Took me 6 months of slow and steady work during my rehab and school work, but I got it done!! I was so very proud! Many years later, here is that scarf, using a knit 2 purl 2 rib stitch and fringe!

I still wear this scarf as long as my kids are not wearing it! It is stretchy and comfy and I love the striping. The yarn is made to have the striping effect so if I started a new skein at a different color, it would look different and unique!

There are so many yarns out there and different ways to make things with both knit and crochet stitches and sometimes mixing both! It still amazes me!

Temperature Blanket of Scarf Crochet along

Well we are almost to February 1st. I am finalizing some colors and temperature ranges to make it pretty, but I am going to leave it up to the reader to decide if you want to make it a big blanket or a scarf.

The time will still be a year, that is the way to do these projects, but if you want to practice lots of stitches, I would make the blanket. My son is need of a blanket so I think it will be his at the end. Being almost 15 and so very tall (5’10” and still growing like a weed) he needs a long blanket!

I will knit a scarf and crochet a blanket, 3 rows or so per temperature week or a row a day if you want to do a daily temperature one. Your choice. I will make the post on February 1st very clear on each kind so you can follow along that way! This should be a lot of fun and a great way to practice a bit each day!

The knit scarf will be just using the knit stitch and the crochet blanket will be 3 rows of single crochet. If you need to watch some tutorials, check out my learning to knit and crochet pages.

Cardigan Update

The cardigan has not grown much, not had much time to knit this week. In the past 2 days, been working full-time and nights have been all about Girl Scout meetings and helping my daughter get organized. I substituted in a special ed pre-K class and as much as I love those little ones, I get mentally tired. Been falling asleep so early.

My daughter Banana Cake

Once I get done here, I will be knitting for the rest of the night except for dropping off my daughter’s Girl Scout Bake Off Banana Cake. This is her first try and she made it past the troop and on to the service level contest. Will be interesting and I will let you know!! Pictured was her last entry, it was delicious per the troop!! She will be making it for her birthday in 2 weeks, so it should be yummy! It is the Cadette Level Recipe for here in GA. It might be a national recipe. A full from scratch cake with homemade cream cheese frosting! I wish I were a judge tonight! If there is anyway I can sneak a piece, I will!!

This will be a busy week, Can’t wait to start on the temperature blanket and scarf! It will be so much fun!! As Always, Be blessed!!

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Where to go……

Got back from an incredible weekend away with the girl scouts and I ended up sick. The dreaded stomach bug. So not fun!! It did get me thinking about where to go with this thing called Knitting Pretty Things.

Next Steps

I am thinking we should have a crochet along! A very simple crochet along that you can join in at any time. I don’t have a pattern I created for you to join in on.  I was thinking we could do a cool kind of Afghan that will take the entire year to do.

There are tons around, but one that I think is great is a temperature one. It will be pretty easy to do. We will add 3 rows every week in the color that corresponds to the temperature on the Monday of every week. This way we start off on January 1st.  Here is a link to the original post that I saw this one Facebook, which lead to a blog. LINK

I really love the idea of a crochet or knit along.  It is a great thing to jump in on, you don’t really need to be there from day 1.  You can do it at your own pace.  I think if we crochet or knit 3 rows a week, we can get a really nice sized blanket out of it.  Now you can also modify this to be a scarf, just use a smaller amount of stitches, maybe 30-40 depending on the yarn and needle/hook size.

Now I am not planning on giving you a pattern for this, I want to do this free-form and let you use your imagination!!  I promise to be there for it all and answer any questions anyone has, I just don’t want to lock anyone into something that they are not wanting to make!! I want this to be fun for you!!  If you are not good at knitting or crochet, I want to you check out my intro pages and watch some videos to get you more familiar!!  Here are the links to the pages:

Knitting tutorial

Crochet tutorial

I will think more on this and then I will add more about the blanket later this week.  We still have a week to get it set up and started!!

The Cardigan Saga!

I wanted to show you what is up with my Cardigan.  It is coming along so nicely!!  I am very proud of the way the Cardigan is looking and as a result, I got many compliments!

Cardigan Jan 24, 2018
4 inches knit above the lace. Only 5.5 inches to go!

I am getting excited to see it growing  longer as the days progress.  The Stockinette stitch (knitting the right side row and purling the wrong side row) is quick, but with 238 stitches, it takes a while to knit a row!!  The more I knit in this color, I really do love it!  I just hope to be able to wear it before we get  hot weather.

Look how beautiful it looks! It is so soft also, this yarn is fabulous!!  As a reminder, this is a knit along that was on in the fall of 2017.  It is called the Tea Leaf Sweater and it is a fun pattern.  If you are experienced in Knitting, I would suggest this pattern to you!  There are lots of things to learn on it, so it is always keeping me on my toes!

In Conclusion

Well it has been a crazy week!!  I have done some planning and I am trying to get a post here on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays!  Due to this, I am behind this week due to my illness, so I think I will post again on Saturday and then get into the groove!!  I am always wanting to know if you have a question or thought on what we should have in here, so please comment below and help a girl out!!  As Always, Be blessed!!

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Weekend Getaway

This weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year. I get to go away to a Girl Scout camp up in the Mountains in GA and be alone! No internet, no cellphone, no way for anyone to get in contact with me except to contact the Camp Ranger. A 3 day weekend that lets me recharge, meet other Girl Scout leaders and network, learn some new skills, and I get to teach. This year I am teaching how to crochet.

I love to crochet as much as I do knit, and to teach some leaders this relaxing skill so they can hopefully practice it and pass it on to their troops. There are 10 women that I will be teaching, one of which already has some experience but asked for help with some things.

I am so excited to do this. I got called this year to teach this class, I was not going to go this year but the leaders that run this asked if I could come and teach. Not having a lot of extra cash, I was able to get a scholarship and had cleared my weekend. Then I needed to set up what exactly I am teaching.

I am going with the thought that these women have no idea how to do this, so I am starting with the kinds of yarns, the kinds of crochet hooks, and then a basic chain and single crochet stitch to create a book mark. Then I will have them try to make a dishcloth square, just to get practice in.

I have a simple scarf pattern I got for free and I will try and help anyone that wants to start this scarf. That is my plan. I know that will not happen, but we shall see!! Had planned on giving them sheets, but we had a snow event here in Atlanta and I was not able to get out and get copies made.

I will try and do it in the morning, but my kids will be going to school late, a delay to the start of school, so I hope I can get that done early.

In past years, I have had a lot of classes and no free time. This time I decided I wanted a block of time for me, and I was going to give back by being a camp helper. I am so excited because I really want to get this cardigan done and quiet time to knit is just what I need. No Facebook or twitter or Pinterest to distract me, my phone can get FM radio so I will have music, and the campground is beautiful and peaceful, just what I need to recharge my batteries.

Here is the latest picture of the cardigan, I hope it is longer before I get home!! There is about 7 more inches before I start working on the left front, back, and right front sections.

Well I am going to sign off as I have a ton of things still to do before I leave in the early afternoon. As always, Be Blessed!!

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Snow Day!!

What images do those words conjure in your mind?? For me, sleeping late,  a big cup of coffee, and Knitting or Crocheting!!  TV is on with my Amazon Fire Stick playing something I either need to catch up on or a series I am Binge watching.  Something I can mindlessly craft to.  HEAVEN!!!  Kids are doing their Cyber Day homework to make up for school being closed (new for our district) and this mommy doing laundry in between my crafting sessions.

These are the kind of days when I was growing up that I would love to sit and knit to (I learned to crochet in my 20’s) after I played outside in the snow with my siblings and the neighborhood kids.  Snow Forts, sledding down some pretty huge hills, snow ball fights, and then hot chocolate and soup with grilled cheese!  What were your favorite things to do when you had a snow day?  Tell me in the comments!!

Cardigan Update

Well this knitter is very happily working on her cardigan.  Here are some shots of how it has grown:

It is slow going as this is 228 stitches long, on a size 4 needle which is a pretty thin needle.  But I am about 8 rows from switching to a larger needle.  Here is how I finished on Wednesday Jan 17:


I have been very busy on this snow day!!  Now I have been thinking about the direction of where I want to go on this blog.  I would love to bring this knitting love to a lot of people!!

I would love to show you how to do this, there are tons of videos that I will look for to show you how to get started!

Check our my teaching page for knitting here.

Well this is a short post, I have knitting to do!!


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