One Week into 2018

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One Week into 2018

Happy Sunday!  I hope this finds you blessed!

I have had many different things bounce around my head (I think I have a touch of ADD) but one thing keeps coming back.  I need to make some goals for my 2018 and where I want to go this year.  I have been flying by the seat of my pants for the last 6 months and I really don’t like to live like that.  So I don’t like to make resolutions, but I will make some goals for myself.

Right now my main goal is to create some income streams that are more reliable than Substitute teaching but give me the flexibility to be off in the summertime for my kids but gives me income then.  Subbing is great, I love the variety and if I get to do repeats in classes, I really get to know those kids and it is nice to see them out and about.  So my first goal is to get consistent and hopefully growing income.  My knitting is part of that, I want to get some consistent orders every month, at least 5 would be my first hurdle, this way I know I have some cash from that and the knitting or crocheting work to keep me entertained while I have down time.

Another goal is to get my health back.  I was diagnosed in my teens with rheumatoid Arthritis and it plagues me through the years.  I know one of the biggest parts of getting my health back is to eat right and for my body it is eating real food and eating low carb.  Carbs and I really don’t blend well, if I eat a lot of breads, sweets, pasta, I notice my weight creeps up and my arthritis is making my life very painful.  About 7 months ago I was introduced to Ketogenic eating.  I started researching this way of eating and to my surprise found that it just might work for me.  Lots of fresh veggies, made a different way then I was used to, but not too hard.  Lots that my family will eat and they love, see this post about sausage egg roll in a bowl, and I enjoy eating this way.  In early November my father fell ill and passed away and that rocked my world.  Unfortunately at that point I stopped my keto eating and just ate what I wanted and gained back the 15 pounds I had lost and my RA came back in full force and for Christmas I was in horrible pain and had a really hard time knitting or crocheting.  So my next goal is getting back to 100% Keto eating.  I started that this week on the 2nd and as of this Morning, I have lost 3 pounds and my RA inflammation has cooled down tremendously.  I am also sleeping over 7 hours a night.  When I was not Keto eating, I was lucky to get 5 hours and that was not enough for me.  There are tons of studies out there that show you need a full night of sleep to help your body lose weight and function at its best.  So this way of eating is a way of life for me now.

One more goal for me is to make time to exercise each day.  I have a ton of DVD’s and a mini trampoline that I could use, but I have chosen not too.  You know all the excuses, but now I have to get serious about it.  Just having my annual physical, I was shocked how badly my body is working and I want to be around for a long time, so exercise has to be part of it.  I got a Fit Bit Alta HR for Christmas, so I can see how lazy I truly am!!  I plan on changing that a little at a time, building movement and weight training into my day.  I know I can do 10 minutes of weights in the AM and I got the Fit Bit Coaching App and it has weight-bearing work that I can do.  I just have to do it.

One thing I know I need to do is plan out my days better.  I tend to get pulled into something and will let other things fall by the way side.  Then the sun sets and I get frustrated.  I have never been good at time management so that is a skill I need to work on.

Well lunch is waiting for me, yummy Spinach,Artichoke and cheese bake.  I might have to write-up that recipe.  I know in a future post I will post my glove pattern for a small child.  My son hated mittens, so I had to come up with a glove pattern that fit his hands.  But that is for another day!!  Off to eat and then finish the poncho!!  So close yet so far!!



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