Coming to an end!

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Coming to an end!

Well I woke up not being able to breathe. You know how that feels! Stuffy nose, chest clogged and it is painful to breathe as the muscles around your lungs are sore from coughing. So not fun. Glad I have my knitting to keep me busy while I rest in bed.

I woke up feeling bad but was thinking about a knitting project I just finished. Here it is:

My daughter’s new hat.

It is a really cool slouchy hat. The cool part of this simple pattern from my friend Karen Mathers (rare purls knit shop) is that to make the stripes you actually break the yarn and use an old spinners technique of splicing yarns together using spit. Yup you fray both end, spit on them and roll them together using your palms. Takes a bit to get the hang but it is cool. Now you HAVE to use a natural fiber (wool, alpaca) because natural fibers have little scales just like your own hair. Those scales will hook together when you wet them down and run together and join together permanently. Very cool technique. Here is a video showing you the technique!

So I have enough yarn to make a 2nd one. Which I will for me and use when I go camping later in January. In later posts I will have to show you the results!

So my last Friday of 2017 will be spent dealing with this chest cold, knitting to try and finish my newest addition to my Etsy site, and maybe some game play on my laptop. You know I need a break once in a while! 😝😘😱

My newest project with the buttons that will be on it.

Well I did get started on the new item for my Etsy shop despite feeling bad and playing with my blog for a bit.  I love having an Amazon Fire Stick and binge watching things either on Netflix or a channel that I downloaded.  I love that thing, when I want to knit for a long time it is my go to.  Plus I watch in my bedroom where I love to knit, I get to hide from the teens in the house there.  This is a great pattern I am working on, pretty mindless until I get to the button holes on this piece.  I got the pattern from this Etsy site, she has a ton and has said I can resell anything from the patterns I buy from her, I just have to use my own photos.  Hence my need to make this quickly so I can add it to my site while the weather is still cold and people would want to buy it.  My daughter is getting this one, I might have to make myself one.  Check out her site to see what the finished project will look like on a 5-year-old since that is her picture.

Well it is getting late and I guess I have to eat something.  Don’t really feel like it since I am not feeling well but I will do it!!  Have a blessed night and see you tomorrow!!

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New knitting project

Well I have started the new poncho that I got from another Etsy Site.  It is knit on a big (size 13) needle with a super bulky yarn, so it should knit up rather quickly.  I love projects like that, you get to hum along and the project knits up so quickly that I normally am looking for something else to do after a couple of days.  Especially when I can knit for hours on end while binge watching.  Today I got my Netflix DVD in the mail and got to enjoy Kingsman The Golden Circle.  It was not as good as the first but it was rather entertaining and I got a lot knit during it.  As I have said I have to have something playing in the background to keep me entertained and if I am entertained, I knit or crochet more!

This new project will be a new listing on my Etsy site.  I have to finish it and get a picture of it and hopefully my 12-year-old daughter will be my model for it.  Things sell better if I can get a person to wear the item if it is clothing or blankets.  Kinda like action shots.  People feel better seeing how it drapes or how a hat wears on.  My friend wore a hat that I make so you can see how it looks on.  The messy bun hat is one of my bigger sellers especially if it get really cold.


As you can see it is a really cute hat with the hair coming out of the top. I got this pattern from Made with a Twist. If you would like the pattern, please see her listing at her shop.  I really love this pattern as it is super easy to whip up and it is so functional.  Except for me as my hair is way to short!!  My daughter has fairly long hair but she is not into this kind of hat.  She gets to get the inaugural poncho that I am currently working on.

Well I need to get off the PC and get up to bed to knit.  My favorite thing to do is to craft while watching TV until I hit the hay.  Helps me to sleep better than any sleeping pill. Knitting/crocheting and diffusing Lavender help me to get a really good nights sleep!!

Till my next entry, you be blessed!!

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Hello world!

Well I have jumped in and I decided to blog about my knitting and crocheting and my life with those elements in it.  My kids tween and teen and I have much more time to my self and I want to expand my knitting and crocheting to help add to my personal income and start to save money for special vacations and things for the house.  Our house was built in the late 1980’s and really really really needs to be remodeled and upgraded.  We need better internet access, better windows, floors, a new driveway, adding the external garage so I can turn the drive under garage into a full basement giving us much more room and a craft room for me!!  We need a 3 car garage so that my hubby can work on the car he loves and get it road worthy again and he can have fun!!

Knitting and crocheting has been a hobby of mine since I taught myself to knit at age 15 and to crochet at age 20.  It became a way to give me something to do while I convalesced from my first shoulder dislocation (don’t ask how) and it soon became an obsession.  I made lots of things for other people as gifts and I truly enjoyed it.  This all happened in the age before the World Wide Web!

In 2007 I decided to try to sell my handmade items online and came upon Etsy.  Love that site!!  It has given me money in times I needed a few bucks and the customers I have really liked my products. But I have not really expanded it until this year.  I have added a couple of crochet items but I am always looking for new items.  This is part of why I am writing this blog.  It is my road to expand what I sell and my knitting skills, which can always be improved!!  New yarns, new notions, new patterns, new stitches!  I would love to be able to fund my whole life from this blog and my knitting/crocheting.  I currently substitute teach but I am at the mercy of teachers needing a sub and I do not get paid when the schools are closed, which they are right now.  Another reason to build another income source.


Well I hope you come back and I will ask for your help.  Please like this blog, my Etsy site, and my Facebook page!  I am on Instagram too, and I am getting a new twitter feed for this and a Pinterest account.  I want to connect out there and I want to find more and more things I can make.  Come back for more!!



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