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Back to Reality

January 2nd.  For most people it is the back to reality day.  I know a lot of people who will take the week between Christmas and New Years off but January 2nd they have to come back to reality.  I know that is how I normally feel.  Until today I had all these ideas and dreams about the coming year and then January 2nd dawns and it is a day like any other.

Well I wanted to change my mind about this whole thing so today I am not living life like that.  I think I have to plan my days better and I am centering around God much more and I am going to take charge of my life.  This blog is part of it.  It will help me think out what is going on in my life.

So today I have a doctor appointment to go over my recent Physical results.  I am also going back to a Ketogenic Diet.  I did it over the late Summer and early fall and I lost 15 pounds and I felt great!  My Rheumatoid arthritis was non-existent and I slept better than I had in years!

I love this couple and use a bunch of their recipes.  They have a lot of great information on the Ketogenic Diet, so if you are interested in learning more, check them out.

It is a pretty easy thing to do, you can google it to find so many articles and advice on it.  It is basically when your body burns fat instead of using sugar.  I eat a ton of fresh veggies, high quality proteins, and good Fats.  Bacon, Butter, coconut oil.   I try and keep to 20 grams of carbs a day.  My carbs come from lots of fresh veggies.  When I want to have rice, I use riced cauliflower.  I make my bread and rolls with Almond or Coconut flour.  I have found that my life is not really changed eating this way, when I cook for my family, I eat the same protein but I change out the pasta or starch for more veggies.  It is so easy to do and I find that I am not super hungry, I have tons of energy and I get through my days so much easier.  My joints do not ache, my migraines are gone and I can knit for hours on end without stopping like I have to now.  I have about 50 pounds to lose to be back in my normal weight range, as the months go on I will try and update you on that.

So January 2nd is not a go back to my regular life.  It is going to be my start my new life.  No resolutions, just change that is easy to do for me.  And knitting and crocheting.  Always!  I love that too much not to do it.  My kids expect me to have something being made and they ask me what is wrong if I am not working on something!!


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